In this Wisconsin-based web series, we start our exploration of fitness in a gym before moving on to the state capitol, a zoo, a lake, and a rural elementary school.

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Fit to Function — Sports trainer Barrett Danz explains the core philosophy of functional fitness. View video.

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Fit to Sing — Formed to protest a union-busting bill, as Solidarity Sing Along nears its 1500th lunchtime gathering, members enjoy benefits beyond giving their cause greater visibility.  View video.

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Fit to Apply — Michigan high school students travel to Wisconsin in search of a good college fit.   View video.

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 Fit to Lead? — Donald Trump shares the screen with a cast of zoo animals as he makes his case to be president. View video.


Fit to Fish — Only the most persistent anglers are fit to catch the elusive muskie.  View video.

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Fit to Teach — A veteran teacher and a young principal offer their insights into working at a small, rural school.  View video.