What begins as a fascination with doves, turns into a man’s search for meaning in this web series originally released on Facebook.

Episode 1, “Arrival”  

Remembering his mother’s recent passing, the narrator sees signs of renewal in the possibility of baby doves cooing outside his window.  View episode.

Episode 2, “Staying of Going?”

She sleeps, he doesn’t.  As for the doves, their plans seem unclearView episode.

Episode 3, “Gone?”

The doves are nowhere to be seen, and he’s pessimistic.  She thinks there’s still a chance they’ll appear.  View episode.

Episode 4, “Shopping”

A walk around his neighborhood puts the doves’ flighty behavior into perspective. View episode.

Episode 5, “Millet”

Following her suggestion, he sets out food for the doves.  Will it do the trick?  Time will tell. View episode.

Episode 6, “Morning Walk”

Another walk around the neighborhood leaves him thinking less about doves, more about street lives on the ledge. View episode.

Episode 7, “Back!”

Her millet strategy pays off.   Now he’s thinking about the doves, maybe even dreaming again about babies. View episode.

Episode 8, “Truly Back?”

Two days of nest-building is a promising sign, but she’s not even sure they’re the same doves from yesterday, definitely isn’t ready to name them. View episode.

Episode 9, “Here to Stay?”

Their third day on the ledge, the doves appear to be finally staying put. She seems pretty convinced; he, not so much.  View episode.

Episode 10, “Trespasser”

Arriving home from a night out of town, they find a surprise waiting for them in their bedroom.  View episode.

Episode 11, “Snack Bar”

The harrowing bedroom encounter forgotten, the doves return, but not to nest. View episode.

Episode 12, “Neighbors”

As the doves continue to ignore their nest on the ledge, our attention turns to other birds in the neighborhood. View episode.

Episode 13, “Story of My Life”

After ignoring the nest for a week, momma dove sits.  Though not confident she will stay put, the head of the human household moves quickly to establish ground rules.  View episode.

Episode 14, “Sleepover”

Momma dove’s first night on their ledge is a big deal.   Both are certain an egg is on the way. View episode.

 Episode 15, “Mother’s Day”

After weeks of watching and waiting, they finally see concrete signs of new life on their window ledge.  Video episode. 

Episode 16, “Noooo!!”

In a matter of seconds, he witnesses a parent’s ultimate nightmare. View episode.

Episode 17, “Life Goes On”

The series comes to an end in a park filled with birds and memories, sad and sweet, and a vision for the future.  View episode.