In this reality web series, teachers Anthony Smith and Marc Kornblatt meet with students during their lunch break to discuss life at school.   An official selection of the Miami Independent Film Festival.   Read press coverage.

Episode 1: BEHAVIOR


Episode 1: BEHAVIOR   Mr. Kornblatt analyzes classroom behavior with his fifth grade student Jeremiah and pal Mr. Smith.  Watch video.


Episode 3: Science Lesson


Episode 2: SCIENCE  Jeremiah returns to discuss best practices when conducting experiments. Watch video.


Episode 2: HAIR


Episode 3: HAIR Ellla, a third grader, joins Smith and Kornblatt to discuss personal appearance, with mixed results.  Watch video.


Episode 4: TESTING


Episode 4: TESTING Ella returns to tackle the controversial issue of standardized testing. Watch video.




Episode 5: FRIENDSHIP  Smith and Kornblatt help some girls work out a touchy case of group vs. the outsider. Watch video


Episode 6: MEZCLA


Episode 6: MEZCLA What begins as a serious discussion with Leo about community gets sidetracked by Mr. Smith. Watch video.


Episode 7: EQUITY


Episode 7: EQUITY  Leo returns to pick up where he left off when he was so rudely interrupted. Watch video.


Episode 8: NINJA


Episode 8: NINJA  In a controversial episodeSmith and Kornblatt ask Devin and Antonio to discuss the “N” word.  Watch video.


 Episode 9: SKECHERS

Episode 9: SKECHERS  Mr. Kornblatt uses shoes to drive home a point with Angel about bullying.  Watch video.




Episode 10: WHITE PRIVILEGE  Zoe and Jesse accept Mr. Kornblatt’s challenge to discuss a sensitive topic.  Watch video.

Episode 11: RACE


Episode 11: RACE  in spite of Mr. Smith’s goofy behavior,  Jeremiah returns to close out the series on a respectful note.    Watch video.