A full-length documentary, Dostoevsky Behind Bars features graduate students who study literature with prison inmates. Winner of a Wisconsin Film Festival Golden Badger Award, Media For a Just Society Award finalist, and official selection of the Beloit, (In) Justice For All, Julien Dubuque, Louisville, Interrobang, OM, Oneota and Philadelphia film festivals.

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A web series and a 30-minute documentary,  Artists In Absentia tells the story of inmates who create a multi-media exhibition for public libraries. Winner of the Voiceless International Film Festival’s Best Documentary Award and an official selection of the  (In)Justice For All, NYC Short Documentary, Auroville, Near Nazareth, Red Phoenix Underground, Shawnee Shorts Midwestern, and Milwaukee Critical Edge film festivals.

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Find links below to all episodes of the Artists In Absentia web series.

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Ep.1 “Good Bye” Two musicians rock on to open the series. View Video.

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Ep.2 “Words & Music” Poetry and guitar gently blend. View Video.

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Ep.3 “Drama Class”  An acting warm-up and a short play. View Video.

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Ep.4 “Artists Explain” Creators offer insight into their work. View Video.

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Ep.5 “Musica y Arte” Hip hop performers fuse with artists.View Video.

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Ep.6 “Drama Class Again” Another warm-up, another play. View Video.

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Ep.7 “Intros” Composers introduce their music. View Video.

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Ep.8 “9 Guitars & a Drum Kit” A sampler of other acts. View Video.

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Ep.9 “Emblem of Allegiance” A singer thanks his teachers. View Video.

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Ep.10 “The Opening” The public reacts to the exhibition. View Video.

Coda: “Holiday MessageAn inmate connects with a friend. View Video.