REFUGE FILMS has produced award-winning documentaries, short narratives, music videos and web series.  Find a sampling of the company’s productions below.  Click on the sub-headings above for more.   Order dvds through our contact page.

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Summer Texts — This short short film about a geezer, a young dude and a pick-up game of b-ball is an official selection of the Miami Independent and Milwaukee Short film festivals.



Colors of Love — In this short silent film, two people meet in black and white, then fall in love in color.  View trailer.



Whad’Ya Do Now? — After hosting his live comedy show on public radio for three decades, Michael Feldman has gotten the word from on high: It’s time to go.  This short documentary offers a bittersweet portrait of a man facing the end of a career that has defined who he is.  View trailer.



In Search of America — In the midst of the 2015-2016 U.S. presidential primaries, filmmaker Marc Kornblatt crisscrossed the country asking people from all walks of life their opinions about the major issues of the day to produce this feature-length documentary.  View trailer.

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A Hobbit’s Heart —  A young father celebrates family, community and Middle Earth in this whimsical short documentary, a selection of the Ozarks Shorts Film Series, North by Midwest Micro-Budget Film Festival and the Down East Flick Fest. View video.

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Artists in Absentia  — This short documentary takes viewers inside a Wisconsin minimum-security prison to meet the inmates create a multi-media exhibition at the state capital’s central library. Buy dvd through contact page.  Watch web series.  Visit website.  Read press.



What I Did in Fifth Grade —   A teacher chronicles an entire year working in a school with mostly underprivileged students.   This feature-length documentary is an official selection of the Julien Dubuque and Louisville International Film Festivals.  Buy dvd through contact page.   Listen to radio interview.  View trailer.   


Still 60

Still 60 — A manic filmmaker celebrates his 60th birthday by doing nothing.  This short documentary, winner of a Canada International Film Festival Award of Excellence, is an official selection of the St. Louis International, Princeton Independent, Wisconsin and Underfunded film festivals.  View trailer. TV interview.  Read press.



Challah It Forward — A father and daughter team up to build community and spread good cheer one loaf of bread at a time.   The film is an official selection of the Green Bay,  Near Nazareth, Short Shorts and Santa Barbara Jewish film festivals.   View trailer.



Homage to Charleston — When words fail us…  A response to the South Carolina tragedy, June 16, 2015.  View video.

It's About The Kids


It’s About the Kids — In tribute to their departed principal, high school grads launch a campaign to create a college scholarship fund for less-privileged students.  View video.



Last Seder? — Filmmaker Marc Kornblatt, bringing his camera along, goes home to spend Passover with his parents, wondering about their health and his own future.   This short documentary is an official selection of the Wisconsin, Julien Dubuqe, North by Midwest Micro-Budget and Golden Door film festivals.


RefugeFlims-DBB-FlimPosterDostoevsky Behind Bars —  A  2015 Media For a Just Society Award  finalist, this full-length documentary features graduate students who study literature with prison inmates.   Winner of a Wisconsin Film Festival Golden Badger Award, it is also an official selection of  Louisville, Kansas,  Julien Dubuque and Philadelphia Independent film festivals, among others.    Buy dvd through contact page.

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While It Lasts, — This documentary, featuring the work and wisdom of 81-year-old artist Jamie Ross, has been screened at the Beloit, Green Bay, Driftless, Oneota, Skyline International and Milwaukee Short film festivals.  Buy dvd through contact page.


Bring on the Magic — In this dramatic short, a divorced man faces a parent’s ultimate nightmare when his son runs away. Official Selection of Wisconsin, Driftless and San Francisco Black film festivals.    Buy dvd through contact page.


Street Pulse — Homeless people struggle to make it off the street in this feature-length documentary, which  has been screened at the Wisconsin, Cincinnati and Beloit film festivals, on Wisconsin Public Television and at colleges and churches.   Buy dvd through contact page.

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Old Country Lullaby — In this dramatic short, a daughter helps her father pack up their house where a long-forgotten melody won’t leave him alone. Official Selection of Beloit, Green Bay, Wildwood and Milwaukee Short film festivals.  Buy dvd through contact page.


Because It’s Small — This short documentary, “Best of the Fest” at the Oneota Film Festival, celebrates the joy of reading and the power of community.  It has been screened on public television, and at film festivals, in libraries and schools across the country. Buy dvd through contact page.   View trailer.


Walk the Walk — Made for a reality TV show that fizzled, this romantic fantasy about a young woman who tries to suppress her erotic dreams features two aspiring models in their film debuts.  Official Selection of Bare Bones International  and Kenosha film festivals.  Buy dvd through contact page.

flamingoboxAlone Together — In this short dark comedy, two people meet in a bird sanctuary to satisfy their conflicting urges. Official Selection of Detroit Windsor,  Green Bay,  Driftless and Wildwood film festivals. Buy dvd through contact page.    View trailer.