An independent production company, Refuge Films creates web series, documentaries, short narratives, and music videos. Find examples below. Click sub-headings above for links to other projects.

To visit the Refuge Films YouTube channel, click here.

Sliding to 70 — a feature-length documentary about a man’s attempt to age gracefully in the face of war.  View trailer.

The Black Sabbath War: Picking Cabbage — On Saturday morning, October 7, 2023,  the Jewish Sabbath, thousands of Hamas terrorists from Gaza invaded southern Israel, leaving a trail of carnage in their wake and taking more than 200 people hostage. This fourth episode in a series about the war attempts to find something to smile about in the midst of the darkest time in modern Israel’s 75-year history.

Tamar and Jake Got Married — A series of three brief pieces compiled from stills and video captured for a family wedding. See them here.

Abandoned Base —As war in Ukraine raged, photographer Oleg Yakovlev fled Moscow and landed in Tel Aviv. Visiting a deserted military base in the Negev Desert, he captured a series of haunting images that inspired this short work. View video.

Clyde & Jem, A Cat’s Tale —  This playful, touching take on two streets cats thrown together to share the same small apartment may make you cry. View video.

Wrestle for Peace — filmed in Be’er Sheva, Israel, this wrestling event commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Munich Olympics when members of Black September, a Palestinian terrorist group, murdered 11 members of the Israeli delegation. The appearance of the Moroccan national wrestling team at the 50th anniversary commemoration turned the event into a historic happening. View video.

The Bar w/ No Name — filmed on location in Tel Aviv’s popular Carmel Market, this web series captures the city’s irrepressible spirit as typified by Rami from Miami, a bartender with charisma to spare. View series.

Tel Aviv Walks — Filmed on the streets of Tel Aviv, this web series looks at the city with an eye for the quirky, the beautiful, the historical, and the topical.  View series.

Gin Art — A web series playfully explores the work of an Israeli artist.  View series.

From the Heart of The Gambia — A teenager reaches out on Twitter asking a man to help him feed his struggling family. The man offers to tell his story to the world to attract more supporters in this three-part series.  View series.

While It Lasts — One rainy autumn afternoon a retired professor looks back at his years creating and collecting art.  Official selection of the Georgia, Beloit, Green Bay, Oneota, Driftless, and Milwaukee Short film festivals. View video.

Blue and Red Respectful Encounters of the Political Kind — A Democrat and a Republican discuss American politics, without trying to score points or draw blood, in this Zoom-based web series celebrating civil discourse. Winner of Best Web Series Award at the Honor Film Festival and an official selection of the Shockfest, Green Bay, and Direct Monthly online film festivals.  View series. 

I See You — The Whiskey Farm, an Americana folk rock band, shares the screen with the homeless and people who support them in this documentary-style music video. Radio Interview.  View video.

Street Pulse — He is past 50, she is half his age. They met on the street after he got out of prison. Now they’re married and live under a bridge. This full-length documentary is an official selection of the Culture Unplugged, Beloit, Cincinnati, and Wisconsin film festivals. Press. More press. More press. TV. View video. 

Narrow Bridge Project — People find ways to soar in the midst of the pandemic lockdown.

Whad’Ya Do Now? — After three decades of making people laugh, radio host Michael Feldman has gotten the word: Time’s up.  In this 30-minute documentary, he looks back on his career, while sardonically forging ahead. A selection of the Columbus International, North by Midwest Micro-Budget, and Wisconsin film festivals. Podcast. Press. Trailer. View video.

Because It’s Small — This short doc traces the origin of Little Free Library movement.  Oneota Film Festival Best of the Fest award, and an official selection of the Wisconsin, Beloit, and Hill Country film festivals. View video.

Life on the Ledge — In this short documentary, two laughing doves capture the heart and imagination of a man mourning the recent death of his mother. Winner of a Ginny Award at the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival, and an official selection of the Green Bay, Oneota, Sunrise 45, Snake Alley, and Waltham Film Factory Short film festivals.  Trailer.   View video.Still 60

Still 60 — A too-peppy man celebrates his 60th birthday by doing nothing in this short work of creative non-fiction. Winner of a Canada International Film Festival Award of Excellence and an official selection of the St. Louis, Princeton Independent, Wisconsin, and Underfunded film festivals.  Trailer.  View video.

Colors of Love — In this short silent narrative, two people meet in black and white, and fall in love in color.  An official selection of the Gulf of Naples Independent, International Monthly, Blow-Up International Arthouse, Miami Independent, and the NxMW film festivals. Trailer. View video.

Last Seder? — In this short documentary a man goes home to visit his parents, worrying about their health and future.  An official selection of the Wisconsin, Julien Dubuqe, NxMW Micro, and Golden Door film festivals. View video.

Walk the WalkA beautiful woman, frustrated at not finding love, meets the perfect man in her dreams, and then, magically he shows in her real life. Official Selection Bare Bones International and Kenosha Film Festivals. 

Summer Texts — A short narrative about a geezer, a dude, and a b-ball game. An official selection of the Miami Independent and Milwaukee Short film festivals. View video.

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A Hobbit’s Heart —  A young father celebrates family, community and Middle Earth in this whimsical short documentary.  A selection of the Ozarks Shorts Film Series, NxMW, and Down East Flick Fest.  View video.

On Account of a Hedgehog — As they look ahead to their wedding, a young couple debates the details of how they met and fell in love. An official selection of the Beloit International, Oneota, and NxMW film festivals.

Challah It Forward — In this short documentary a father and daughter build community by sharing bread. An official selection of the Green Bay,  Near Nazareth, Short Shorts, and Santa Barbara Jewish film festivals. View video.

An American Story – Jim Kerr, 1929-2017 — A community comes together to laugh, cry, and remember a lost loved one in this short documentary. View video.