An independent production company, Refuge Films has released award-winning docs, short narratives and music videos.  Find examples of the work below.  Click on sub-headings above for links to other projects.


Because It’s Small — An official selection of the Wisconsin, Beloit, Hill Country film festivals, and a Best of the Fest Award Winner at the Oneota Film Festival, this 17-minute documentary  traces the origin of the Little Free Library movement.  Trailer.  On-demand streaming.



Life on the Ledge — In this short documentary, adapted from a web series originally released on Facebook, two laughing doves nesting on his window ledge capture the heart and imagination of a man mourning the recent death of his mother. On film festival circuit.  Trailer.



Street Pulse — Robert is past 50, Angel is half his age. They met on the street after he got out of prison. Now they’re married and live under a bridge, trying to do what they can to find a real home. This full-length documentary is an official selection of the Beloit, Cincinnati, and Wisconsin film festivals.  Purchase through contact page. Trailer. Press. More Press. 


Still 60


Still 60 — An overly energetic man celebrates his 60th birthday by doing nothing in this short wok of creative non-fiction. Winner of a Canada International Film Festival Award of Excellence and an official selection of the St. Louis International, Princeton Independent, Wisconsin and Underfunded Film festivals.  Trailer.  TV Interview.  Press Coverage. View video.



Colors of Love — In this short silent narrative, two people meet in black, and white, then fall in love in color.  An official selection of the Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival, International Monthly Film Festival, Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Fest, Miami Independent and the North by Midwest Micro-Budget film festivals. Trailer.  View video.


Last Seder? — A man goes to spend Passover with his parents, worrying about their health and future.  This short documentary is an official selection of the Wisconsin, Julien Dubuqe, North by Midwest Micro-Budget and Golden Door film festivals. View video.



On Account of a Hedgehog — As they look ahead to their wedding, a young couple pieces together the details of how they met and fell in love. On film festival circuit.


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A Hobbit’s Heart —  A young father celebrates family, community and Middle Earth in this whimsical short documentary.  A selection of the Ozarks Shorts Film Series, North by Midwest Micro-Budget Film Festival and the Down East Flick Fest. View video.




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Summer Texts — A narrative about a geezer, a dude and a b-ball game. Official selection of the Miami Independent and Milwaukee Short film festivals.  View video.



Challah It Forward — A father and daughter build community by baking bread. This short documetary is an official selection of the Green Bay,  Near Nazareth, Short Shorts and Santa Barbara Jewish film festivals.   View video.

It's About The Kids


It’s About the Kids — A campaign for equity.  View video.


Homage to Charleston —  A response to tragedy.  View video.


Forward!  — A response to the 2016 election. View video.


My Trip to the Mall — A second 2016 election response. View video.