Hebrew for just a minute, Rock Regga is the title of this web series, offering an intimate look at Israel in brief bursts of image, sound and story.  Winner of the Gallup Film Festival Best Web Series Award, and a finalist in the The Short Film Awards, it is also an official selection of the Near Nazareth and Valley film festivals. (To see more episodes from the series, inquire through the Refuge Films contact page.)  Press Coverage. More Press. More Press. View trailer.



Ep.1   A Family Business — Welcome to a carpentry shop that helps Israelis have fun in the sun.  View episode.




Ep.2   Body Branding —  A first-time customer bares her skin for the needle.  View episode.




Ep.3  Friends for Life — Visit an informal weekly ritual on a bustling Tel Aviv sidewalk. View episode.



Ep.4  Lady Saxophone — Soloist Yarden Klayman excels at an instrument dominated by men. View episode.




Ep.5  Old Camera Man —  Retried photographer Azriel Klar is not selling anything in his cramped store. View episode.




Ep.6 Punch, Kick, Choke, Burp — MMA fighter and new mom Olga Rubin prepares for an important bout. View episode.




Ep.7  Old Store, New Store  — A high-tech executive tries a new venture with potatoes.  View episode.




Ep.8  Old Store, New Store II — East Jerusalem contractor Mohammad Jodh brings his skills to Tel Aviv. View episode.




Ep.9 Magnum — A Tel Aviv visitor bonds with a wily crow in her neighborhood. View episode.



Ep.10, Miri Plays the Shuk — An Israeli icon sings on the street.  View episode.



Ep.11 Protecting Children — Two men take aim at an ancient Jewish tradition. View episode.



Ep.12 Wrapping for Redemption — Rabbi Oren Migdal carries out the Rebbe’s work one arm at a time. View episode.



Ep.13 “The Clown” — Limor Amir invites us into her drama class for students with special needs. View episode.