What I Did In Fifth Grade In this full-length documentary, a teacher chronicles his final year working in a school with a large underprivileged population. Winner of a Critical Edge Film Festival Best Local Documentary Award, and an official selection of the Beloit, Sunrise, Julien Dubuque, and Louisville International film festivals.

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Shabazz Says — In this short documentary, high school students offer their opinions on divisive issues facing the US as the country heads toward mid-term elections. Recipient of a Teaching for Tolerance grant from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Good Luck Holly Pebble This short narrative explores what is real and what isn’t in school. An official selection of the Scream in the Dark, Madtown Horror and the Fantasmagorical film festivals.

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Sit Down w/Smith & Kornblatt In this 11-episode web series, teachers Anthony Smith and Marc Kornblatt meet with students during their lunch break to discuss life at school, with their own brand of in-your-face humor.   An official selection of the Miami Independent Film Festival.

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A Hmong Moment In this web series, Hmong students share what they’re learning in a special enrichment club.

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Stand Up w/Smith & Kornblatt Teachers Smith and Kornblatt team up to create a video club at their school with a group of students who match their zany energy.

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Lincoln’s Stand By Me A musician collaborates with his former teacher and his students to sing a beloved classic.

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Lincoln’s Preamble Students have fun singing a favorite from the Schoolhouse Rock TV series.

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Summer School’s Cool**  Hot as it may be, students and their teachers manage to beat the heat playing and singing together.

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Summer School’s Cool*  With their teachers’ help, students explore the world around them.

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Lincoln’s Banaha features pre-kindergartners and a talented third grade violinist offering their take on a beloved Congolese folks song.

Pecatonica celebrates children, cows, and Wisconsin’s countryside in this piece featuring a local country music band.

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Half Staff shares one teacher’s approach to learning about a solemn moment in American history.

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We Gotta Move

We Gotta Move celebrates the joy of jiggling, wiggling, hopping, & flopping.

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Why a Penny? documents children’s life-affirming response to catastrophe. View video.


If You Want to be a Reader brings college athletes and first graders together for a common cause.

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Dream Cinquains pays tribute to the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Lincoln’s Flags performers promote peace through K’naan’s “Waving Flag.”

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Hello Eek! stars a teacher and students entertaining their Alaskan pen pals. View video.

Take a Breath combines community with mindfulness.

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Kids ‘n Cake takes poetic license with Cake’s “It’s Coming Down.”

Community This short documentary follows students as they form ties beyond school. An official Selection of Beloit and Green Bay film festivals. View video.

Hard Biscuits sends up Run DMC’s  “Hard Times.”  

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Mathematical Humdingers features first graders playingl with numbers.

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Maniac Magee  dramatizes Jerry Spinelli’s novel.


Readin’ Fever riffs on a jazz classic.

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Sugar Day draws inspiration from Nappy Roots

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Carried Away celebrates reading and creativity.

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The Making of Carried Away  This short documentary is an official selection of the Wildwood Film Festival.

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