cameramanmeBorn in Edison, NJ, Marc Kornblatt started out as an actor in New York City after college (Brandeis Univ.). He turned to playwriting, earned an MA in journalism (NYU), wrote for magazines and newspapers, published children’s books, married, moved to the Midwest, became a father and then returned to college in his mid 40’s to earn an education degree.

Teaching at an elementary school with a large underprivileged population, he began making music videos with students. That led to short narratives, documentaries and the founding of Refuge Films. He has since produced more than 100 short films, and four feature-length documentaries — Street Pulse,  What I Did In Fifth Grade, In Search of America, Dostoevsky Behind Bars.

In 2019h, he moved with his wife to Tel Aviv, where has produced the award-winning web series Rock Regga together with documentaries filmed in East and West Jerusalem, as well as the disputed territory around Bethlehem.